Small business owners: 3 tips to launch your website

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Small business owners: 3 tips to launch your website

Having a website in the virtual world is a very important aspect for all business individuals. A website can help to grow your business with the right strategies. If you do not have one you might be missing out on customers and brand recognition.

As a digital media student, I will explain the process of making a website.

Lilach Bullock on her blog highlighted how to launch your very own website. She tells us step by step how to do it starting from picking your hosting and domain name, content management system to properly designing your site. She advises using WordPress as a content management system and Bluehost as a hosting portal. Privacy protection is very important when setting up a website. So at all cost, we should try to think ahead and protect ourselves when we can. Almost all hosting websites offer us security option that we should take without a hesitation.

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Finding the right register might be tricky. On the blog The Best Domain Registrars By we will find what domain registrar is, how to find the right one and what to watch for. It also compares the major four domain registers and tells us about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. If you are about to start your own website it is worth having a look at them to make sure you will find the best suitable domain register for your company.

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I have identified 3 tips that will help you with the website:

  1. Website name: Come up with a short catchy name that will create a buzz on the web. In addition, you have to make a choice on the extension of your website whether you want it to be ie, UK or com.
  2. Additional services: Now it is time to register your website. Some registers might offer you additional services such as SSL certificate, daily backups or Cloudflare protection. I would highly recommend buying these to prevent your website from being hacked.
  3. Theme and design: At this point, you have your own domain and you’re about to pick a theme in the content management system.When designing always think of your target audience. Why are they on your website? What are they looking for? Make sure everything is at its own best place and completes the goals and objectives set up by you.

In summary, before you start developing the website, find the best hosting portal and don’t forget about privacy protection. Create a good visual layout for your target audience so they can easily find needed information.

Good Luck!



Sara Bajbak is a 4th-year digital media & society student at GMIT in Castlebar. I have a lot of interest in content and website development. Currently, Social media strategy and google analytics are my major study topics. I like photography and video editing.