Month: November 2018

Digital West

Fighting Game Meta Guides

Passion in Fighting Games: 3 Tips for measuring yourself and avoiding burnout Published by LiamManTheAngry on October 30, 2018 How much of ourselves do we put into fighting games? An issue that is close to the bone for even remotely competitive players. This topic has become the subject of discussion in the Twittersphere last week.…
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Women In Tech – Why the tech industry need women

There is no denying that men at least in numbers are dominating the tech world. As a female student pursuing a degree in Digital media the lack of female representation in the tech industry is particularly discerning to me. With Less than 7% of tech positions in Europe fulfilled by women. Women pursuing career in…
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#Trending: Get your Hashtag Noticed

#Trending: Get your Hashtag Noticed in 3 Simple Steps!   Planning and hosting a successful event can be very rewarding, but to get the event trending on Twitter would be the cherry on the cake!  As a Digital Media student, enthusiast and active tweeter, I understand too well the effort and drama involved with getting noticed…
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Is There No More Place for 2D Animation in Hollywood?

2D Animation: Is there no more need for it in theaters now that 3D animation is the standard? As computer technology advances by the day, the capabilities of 3D animation and modelling software improve exponentially, and makes the process of producing an animation go by faster and faster. The level of detail one can achieve…
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Small business owners: 3 tips to launch your website

Having a website in the virtual world is a very important aspect for all business individuals. A website can help to grow your business with the right strategies. If you do not have one you might be missing out on customers and brand recognition. As a digital media student, I will explain the process of…
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