Women In Tech – Why the tech industry need women

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Women In Tech – Why the tech industry need women

There is no denying that men at least in numbers are dominating the tech world. As a female student pursuing a degree in Digital media the lack of female representation in the tech industry is particularly discerning to me. With Less than 7% of tech positions in Europe fulfilled by women. Women pursuing career in tech might find themselves in the minority in a male dominated industry.

An article entitled “Why aren’t there more women in tech”  looked at Why there are less women in tech than men. It also highlighted the importance of women in technology and added notable female tech professionals to back up the idea that women have just as much to offer to the tech industry as men. It accounted the lack of female representation to:

  • Gender stereotypes/misconception
  • Lack of talent pool (less women seeking a qualification in technology)
  • In group favoritism

Another article entitled “Why tech needs women ? looked at the important role women can play within the tech industry. it highlighted that businesses who had females in management positions performed better. while identifying the importance of gender diversity it also suggested that gender diverse companies performed better both in terms of finance and productivity. 

Despite the small percentage of female representation within the tech industry, women should not be discouraged to pursue a career or qualification in technology science and the reasons for this follow:

  • Technology is inspiring and innovative 
  • Companies are always looking for tech professionals 
  • You can work anytime anywhere 
  • Technology is the future and women can have the same impact as men can 

To summarize while there is a clear gender imbalance in the tech industry the role of women in technology is of no less importance than men. women in technology can lead the way forward for future generations of females to make an impact. 

Why the tech industry needs women
Shannon Forry
BSc. Digital Media & Society